Oneplus 9R is the cheapest variant in the whole OnePlus 9 series. Starting from today, users in India can purchase the brand new OnePlus 9R (unreviewed) directly from its official web shop. So if you’ve thought of purchasing this phone and are keen on an upgrade, here s exactly what you should know.

Apart from being the cheapest and the best oneplus 9r¬†smartphone in its league, the Oneplus 9R has been equipped with some unique features which make it different from other handsets. The phone comes with a stunning 2.5″ capacitive virtual keyboard which looks absolutely stunning. You can easily browse the internet, shoot your photographs and even edit your videos with the help of this keyboard. This keyboard also enables you to enjoy your multi-touched social networking experience without any bugs. The capacitive virtual keyboard has been calibrated to suit all models of the Oneplus 9, including the 4G and the 5G.

Along with the high end hardware, the Oneplus 9R also has some truly useful features which make life easier. This handset comes with an inbuilt memory card that can store large amounts of data, apps and documents. You can add as much memory as you require, which will further enhance your storage requirements. If you are someone who travels a lot, this Oneplus also supports microSD cards, so you can transfer the same pictures or videos on the move. On the contrary, the Oneplus also offers a user friendly interface with simple navigation buttons. Even the Android dialer can be used with this handset, as it has been given a great makeover.

The Oneplus 9R has a spacious and large internal storage space that accommodates various apps and multimedia files. It also comes with a microSD slot which supports MMC and CFast card formats for read/write access. In addition to this, it also has a slot for flash drive storage, giving it great flexibility.

For all its impressive features and technologies, the Oneplus 9R does have one major shortcoming. The headphone jack is missing in this device, which leaves the rest of the features inaccessible. However, this isn’t a major problem as users can use other wireless Bluetooth headphones to use the sound while they enjoy their multimedia session. You also cannot use the infrared sensor to control your TV, music and video player from another smartphone. However, this is an important issue to discuss with your wireless service provider, as it may be a part of your package.

All in all, the Oneplus 9R packs everything you could ask for in a smartphone – including some surprising extras. With high quality cameras, great sound quality and great storage space, it makes for a perfect device for professional photographers and video gamers. For a price that is much less than competing smartphones like the iPhone and HTC Desire, the Oneplus 9R really is a stellar device. So, if you’re looking for a good phone with everything you could ever want in one, the Oneplus 9R might be your best option.

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